Federal Registers - Table of Contents
• Publication Date: 03/06/1984
• Publication Type: Proposed Rules
• Fed Register #: 49:8327
• Standard Number: 1907 ; 1910; 1935 ; 1936
• Title: Safety Testing or Certification of Certain Workplace Equipment and Materials; Proposed Rulemaking
• Abstract: Safety testing or certification of certain workplace equipment and materials. Part 1907 is thoroughly revised and is redesignated as a new Part 1936. The proposal includes significant changes to several definitions and requirements now in OSHA's General Industry standards, and proposes a new Part 1935 of Title 29 covering test methods and procedures. Proposed revisions to Part 1910 would establish the requirement that laboratory-based testing, other than testing conducted directly by employers, be conducted only in properly accredited laboratories. The revisions would also remove the names of Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. (UL), and Factory Mutual Engineering Corporation (FM) from the General Industry Standards. This removal would end the Agency's involvement in a situation which inadvertently may have resulted in an over concentration of safety testing and certification activities in those two enterprises. OSHA proposes also to update and provide uniformity to the certification- related terminology in these Part 1910 standards and to undertake these changes in an organized manner in order to maintain current level of safety protection. Proposed new Part 1935 is intended to serve as a repository for equipment test methods and procedures specified by OSHA standards. These test methods also may be used as a basis for much of the OSHA- related testing or certification. OSHA's regulation at 29 CFR Part 1907 previously established the criteria and procedures that OSHA intended to use to accredit independent testing laboratories which would test and certify equipment which is required to the "acceptable" or "approved" under OSHA standards. It was originally published on September 1