Standard Interpretations - Table of Contents
• Standard Number: 1910.134(c); 1910.134(e)

OSHA requirements are set by statute, standards and regulations. Our interpretation letters explain these requirements and how they apply to particular circumstances, but they cannot create additional employer obligations. This letter constitutes OSHA's interpretation of the requirements discussed. Note that our enforcement guidance may be affected by changes to OSHA rules. Also, from time to time we update our guidance in response to new information. To keep apprised of such developments, you can consult OSHA's website at

October 5, 1998

Mr. William R. Jaggi
Trans World Airlines, Inc.
Ground Operations Center
P.O. Box 10007
St. Louis, MO 63145

Dear Mr. Jaggi:

This is in response to your letter of March 31, addressed to Ms. Bonnie Friedman, in the Occupational Safety and Health Administration's (OSHA's) Office of Public Affairs. We apologize for the long delay of this response. Enforcement of this standard will begin on the compliance date, October 5, 1998.

In your letter, you requested clarification on several respiratory protection issues. There were several statements listed that you sought to determine if they were true or not. The statements are responded to in the same order as given in your letter.

Please note that in your letter, you used the term "medical surveillance." The respiratory protection standard 1910.134 uses the term "medical evaluation."
  1. Statement:  Use of the disposable paper type dust respirators does not require medical surveillance.