Regulations (Standards - 29 CFR) - Table of Contents
• Part Number: 1917
• Part Title: Marine Terminals
• Subpart: B
• Subpart Title: Marine Terminal Operations
• Standard Number: 1917.23
• Title: Hazardous atmospheres and substances. (See also 1917.2(r)).
• GPO Source: e-CFR


Purpose and scope. This section covers areas in which the employer is aware that a hazardous atmosphere or substance may exist, except where one or more of the following sections apply: § 1917.22 Hazardous cargo; § 1917.24 Carbon monoxide; § 1917.25 Fumigants, pesticides, insecticides and hazardous preservatives; § 1917.73 Terminal facilities handling menhaden and similar species of fish; § 1917.152 Welding, cutting, and heating (hot work); and § 1917.153 Spray painting.


Determination of hazard.


When the employer is aware that a room, building, vehicle, railcar or other space contains or has contained a hazardous atmosphere, a designated and appropriately equipped person shall test the atmosphere before employee entry to determine whether a hazardous atmosphere exists.


Records of results of any tests required by this section shall be maintained for at least thirty (30) days.


Testing during ventilation. When mechanical ventilation is used to maintain a safe atmosphere, tests shall be made by a designated person to ensure that the atmosphere is not hazardous.