Regulations (Standards - 29 CFR) - Table of Contents
• Part Number: 1918
• Part Title: Safety and Health Regulations for Longshoring
• Subpart: G
• Subpart Title: Cargo Handling Gear and Equipment Other Than Ship's Gear
• Standard Number: 1918.64
• Title: Powered conveyors.
• GPO Source: e-CFR


Emergency stop. Readily accessible stop controls shall be provided for use in an emergency. Whenever the operation of any power conveyor requires personnel to work close to the conveyor, the conveyor controls shall not be left unattended while the conveyor is in operation.


Guarding. All conveyor and trimmer drives that create a hazard shall be adequately guarded.


Approved for location. Electric motors and controls on conveyors and trimmers used to handle grain and exposed to grain dust shall be of a type approved by a nationally recognized testing laboratory for use in Class II, Division I locations. (See 1910.7 of this chapter.)



Grain trimmer control box. Each grain trimmer shall have a control box on the weather deck close to the spout feeding the trimmer.


Grain trimmer power cable. Power cables between the deck control box and the grain trimmer shall be used only in continuous lengths without splice or tap between connections.


Portable conveyors. Portable conveyors shall be stable within their operating ranges. When used at variable fixed levels, the unit shall be secured at the operating level.


Delivery and braking. When necessary for