Regulations (Standards - 29 CFR) - Table of Contents
• Part Number: 1975
• Part Title: Coverage of Employees under the Williams-Steiger OSHA 1970
• Standard Number: 1975.4
• Title: Coverage.
• GPO Source: e-CFR

General. Any employer employing one or more employees would be an "employer engaged in a business affecting commerce who has employees" and, therefore, he is covered by the Act as such.
Clarification as to certain employers -
The professions, such as physicians, attorneys, etc. Where a member of a profession, such as an attorney or physician, employs one or more employees such member comes within the definition of an employer as defined in the Act and interpreted thereunder and, therefore such member is covered as an employer under the Act and required to comply with its provisions and with the regulations issued thereunder to the extent applicable.
Agricultural employers. Any person engaged in an agricultural activity employing one or more employees comes within the definition of an employer under the Act, and therefore, is covered by its provisions. However, members of the immediate family of the farm employer are not regarded as employees for the purposes of this definition.
Indians. the Williams-Steiger Act contains no special provisions with respect to different treatment in the case of Indians. It is well settled that under statutes of general application, such as the Williams-Steiger Act, Indians are treated as any other person, unless Congress expressly provided for special treatment. "FPC v Tuscarora Indian Nation," 362 U.S. 99, 115-118 (1960); "Navajo tribe v N.L.R.B.," 288 F.2d 162, 164-165