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To: Department Heads
From: Kerri Smythe
Subject: January Safety Meeting Minutes
Date: January 18, 1998

Meeting date January 15, 1998 - 3:00pm
Present: Smith, Black, Jones, Smythe

Mr. Smith opened the meeting by congratulating the managers or achieving their 1997 production goals. He then reminded everyone that the Fire Department was coming to do their annual site review, so we should all be sure that aisles were clear, fire extinguishers were up to date and in place, and fire doors were operable.

Ms. Black from HR reviewed the work comp losses for the month so far. Since the year has just begun, and no losses have yet been incurred, managers were informed that if they kept it up they would receive another 2% bonus at the next quarterly.

Possible safety projects for the year were discussed. Mr. Smith suggested a new poster series that he saw at the state convention last month. Ms. Jones suggested that employees needed to receive more safety or hazard awareness training in order to reduce accidents.

Adjourned 3:30 p.m.


To: Department Heads
From: Kerri Smythe
Subject: February Safety Meeting Minutes
Date: February 18, 1998

Meeting date: February 15, 1998 - commenced 3:30pm

Present: Jones, Smith, Black, Smythe
Absent: Hubbel

Mr. Smith opened the meeting by announcing that product rework had increased to 12%. He urged managers and supervisors to focus on waste minimization.

Mr. Smith reported a work comp case of allergic response on the fingers of Darlene Flowers. She was not wearing her gloves and got product on her hand. This careless act cost the company 3 days of lost time, where a temp had to be called in, in order to keep up with production and get the Carmickle order out in time. Mrs. Jones indicated that she had noted that other employees had had allergic reactions, but none so far had been such a bad case.

Mr. Smith indicated that he would remind all his employees at the next staff meeting that they needed to wear their gloves and anyone caught without them on would get 5 safety demerits for the first offense and a day off without pay for the second offense.

Ms. Jones reported on the results of the Fire Dept. inspection last month. She stated the only problems noted were the stacking of products in the assembly area blocking doorways and three fire extinguishers not inspected.

Ms. Jones noted that one of her employees sustained a hand injury while opening a container of beads because she didn't have the proper tool. The proper tool was still on order and employees were instructed to use leather gloves until the tool arrived. She said her employees enjoyed the barbecue last Saturday for having the lowest departmental injury rate for 1997.

Ms. Black from HR reported that the losses for this month were totaling $14,575 including:

  1. Emergency room visit for Marlene to clean out her eye
  2. Work comp payments and hire of temporary to replace Darlene Flowers
  3. Initial doctor bills and two physical therapy treatments for Phyllis
  4. Seven doctor visits for other injured employees
Adjourned 4:00pm