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    Title: Injury and Illness Prevention Programs: Do They Work?
    Type: Title Slide
    • Proven benefits:
      • Transform workplace safety and health culture
      • Reduce injuries, illnesses, and deaths
      • Lower workers' compensation and other costs
      • Improve morale and communication
      • Enhance image and reputation
      • Improve processes, products and services

    Speaker Notes:

    Injury and illness prevention programs are not new, nor are they untested. Numerous studies have examined the effectiveness of injury and illness prevention programs at both the establishment and corporate levels (see the following references: Alsop and LeCouteur, 1999; Bunn et al., 2001; Conference Board, 2003; Huang et al., 2009; Lewchuk, Robb, and Walters, 1996; Smitha et al., 2001; Torp et al., 2000; Yassi, 1998). These studies can be found on the Injury and Illness Prevention Program Topics Page on OSHA's public website.

    This research demonstrates that such programs are effective in transforming workplace safety and health culture; leading to reductions in injuries, illnesses and fatalities; lowering workers' compensation and other costs; improving morale and communication; enhancing image and reputation; and improving processes, products and services.